RBE 2002 - Sensing

The Course

RBE 2002 is the second in the 4 part sequence of robotics classes at WPI focused on the sensing and signal processing required to build a robot.

The Challenge

Build and program an autonomous robot capable of navigating a simple maze to locate a candle, then report the position of the candle and extinguish it.


Robot Characteristics

  • 2 wheel drive drop center with motors and encoders integrated with 3D printed housing

  • IMU for accurate position tracking when combined with wheel encoders

  • Servo actuated fan for alignment to candle at different heights and distances

  • IR camera that communicates the coordinates of any IR sources in it’s camera frame over I2C

  • Ultrasonic range finders for wall following to navigate maze

Robot Video

Technical Documentation

Project Report

For more details please see the Project Report complete with decision making rationale, mechanical analysis, and code documentation.


To view the code please visit the projects GitHub.


To view the CAD please visit the projects GrabCad.