RBE 2001 - Actuation

The Course

RBE 2001 is the first in a 4 part sequence of robotics classes at WPI focused on the mechanical design and analysis of physical systems to interact with the world.

The Challenge

Build and program an autonomous robot capable of navigating a field representing a mock nuclear site, moving fuel rods between different tubes using information given over a bluetooth communication protocol.


Robot Characteristics

  • 4 wheel drive with 2 powered wheels and two unpowered encoder wheels for accurate position tracking

  • Single joint arm to hold 4-bar gripper and pivot to both horizontal and vertical storage tubes

  • 4-bar linkage powered gripper to pull in fuel rod in a straight line. Derived off of Hoekens Linkage

  • Point to point navigation using odometry data from encoders and detection of black lines on field

Robot Assembly Animation

Technical Documentation

Project Report

For more details please see the Project Report complete with decision making rationale, mechanical analysis, and code documentation.


To view the code please visit the projects GitHub.


To view the CAD please visit the projects GrabCad.